The Ukraine Helpline was developed as a free resource so that the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine can access a single place to find experts and advisors for medical, legal, immigration, crisis center, and other information. 

Our History

Ellie Bukh and Michael Bukh were born in New York, but their mother was born in Kharkov , Ukraine. They noted that “We wanted to do something to help, even though we’re so far away geographically, our hearts are there.”

So their mother reached out and collaborated with Incognito Worldwide to build this site. 

We’ve been to our mother’s hometown in Ukraine, and  are heartbroken watching what is happening now. Please let us know what can we do. We are fluent in Russian but can’t read and write. We can communicate to provide words of support  to  children our age during this crisis. We can teach them English. We can translate to English anything their families need. 

We have a dog. His name is Charlie. He is an adorable cockapoo. We are sure just like you are supporting and helping each other , you are trying to help your pets. We heard there is a shortage of dog food now. We can try to organize a pet food drive. 

Please use the forums, groups, and activity stream under COMMUNITY  as a sounding board to address any of your needs. There is no “ minor” requests. Everything is important. We’re here. We care. Stay strong !

Slava Ukraine ! 

Our Features


Directory of specialists to assist with all areas of expertise, humanitarian aid, and logisitcs.


The site and will remain free throughout this terrible Russian invasion war. You're not alone.


The site can be viewed in English., Ukrainian, and Russian.